Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Here's how the garden grows on July 4th:

This picture was actually taken last weekend-ish. But, it's a good shot of the garden and I've been a little slack about posting, so here you are.

Yesterday, in response to a unprovoked attack by a rouge avian, I added sparkly pinwheels to the back plot. Aesthetically questionable, but festive!, and so far the birds seem to be hating the glinting and random twirling and that's what counts. Also, Britt taught me to be a lover of the funky and unpredictable and I think the sparkly pinwheels would have made her laugh.

Finally, here's Mojo taking his morning siesta behind the peas. I planted those seeds just 24 days ago and am just blown away. I have no idea what comes next. Will they flower? Just start sprouting pods? It's a mystery. Buddha Frog, Mojo, and I will keep an eye on them a let you know what happens.
Later this afternoon we are having a cookout. Mostly, I think, because I posted here that we are not Cookout People...and no one could come up with a good reason why. We like to eat, we like parties, we mostly like each other. Seems odd not to gather when the occasion warrants it and grill things. So, today we will. Mom's newly remade backyard will be our backdrop and I hope everyone remembers to dress in some sort of red/white/blue combination (because the pictures will look more festive that way!). I've made baba ganoush from eggplants I harvested over the last few idea if it's right...but it's garlicky and that cannot be a bad thing.

And, I'll muddle through another holiday without my girl and try to find some rightness amid all the wrongness of her being gone.

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