Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Even Now, Peppers

Fall is here, not that you could tell from our recent temperatures. We had a short cold snap, during which we remembered that we forgot to have the heat turned on when we ought to have. But it passed and it's been warm, if not particularly sunny, for the last week. And since we're no where close to our first frost, the garden continues to produce. The peppers especially seem reluctant to call it quits. This is the latest harvest and there are still plenty more to come.

There were a lot of grape and roma tomatoes, too, in a pretty yellow bowl. But, a rouge squirrel invaded the house last night and, before Dave could chase him out again, he managed to knock said bowl off the counter and send the tomatoes flying. He and Dave both stepped on a few and the whole mess ended up in the trash.

I really liked that bowl. Stupid squirrel.

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