Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today's Poem

This is the poem I woke to find in my in box this morning. That is all.

Graves We Filled Before the Fire
by Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Some lose children in lonelier ways:
tetanus, hard falls, stubborn fevers

that soak the bedclothes five nights running.
Our two boys went out to skate, broke

through the ice like battleships, came back
to us in canvas bags: curled

fossils held fast in ancient stone,
four hands reaching. Then two

sad beds wide enough for planting
wheat or summer-squash but filled

with boys, a barren crop. Our lives
stripped clean as oxen bones.


Katharine Weber said...

Thinking of you dear Debi, at Star. I walked the maze early this morning and thought of you and your darling baby girl.

Debi Harbuck said...

What a sweet gift, Katharine. Thank you.

Lisa said...

We shall put our arms around you from our variable distances with whatever comes to hand.