Monday, May 31, 2010

Skinks For Lisa

Today is my dear friend Lisa's birthday and I hope it's filled with all the things she loves most in the world.

For you, honey. First, the skink we all know; look at the blue in his tail. Gorgeous.

And, the skink I discovered this spring, and am trying hard to love. Aren't they prehistoric? Itty bitty dinosaurs that stalk the garden.

As Britt would say "here leeezard, leezard..."


Lisa said...

Omigod, I love those! Even the prehistoric looking one... why don't they have skinks in the Bronx? Or at least in my yard?

That was an excellent birthday gift, thank you, my dear. I hope I dream about them.

Emily said...

A friend of mine used to have skinks as pets. I don't get it!

Debi Harbuck said...

I don't get that either, Em. But I'm not a fan of any wild animal as a pet. Skinks in the yard...yes. Skinks in the house? Ummm. Nope. No skinks in the house.

Devon said...

I've found two of those reddish ones in my pool skimmers lately. Dead, unfortunately. I need to get one of those floating things that critters can crawl up on to.

Jesse Wiedinmyer said...

It's kind of funny, but I'm read this post the first time it came up. Upon seeing the headline again, what I speed-read was "Shrinks for Lisa" and I thought that maybe there was something new in 'Bliv-land that I hadn't heard about.

Just dropping in to post something that I read earlier a couple of minutes ago that I thought you might dig.

Been reading the oral bio of Jane's Addiction, and one of Dave Navarro's relatives says this about Navarro's mother's murder...

There is no such thing as "closure." You just get to the point where you learn to say it out loud, without going to that place, and then it becomes this surreal place in your life that still exists.

Up to that first comma, I'm not sure that there's anything I could ever agree with more.

Hope you're doing well, Deb.

Tabby said...

Excellent skinks.