Friday, June 26, 2009


I love being out in the garden early in the morning. Everything looks its best...ready to greet the day. There's a whole lotta optimism right before the sun finishes coming up and I like to wander around and try to soak some of it up and take it with me out into the world.

The agapanthus are blooming....I just love those lily-ish flowers and I thank my friend Marta, again, for identifying them for me. They are not your every-day-run-of-the-mill agapanthus (at least not in these parts; I see a lot of a smaller variety with their tiny purple flowers that make perfect round bunches) and I wonder about the woman who planted and tended this striking speciman. I hope she'd be pleased that it's moved and divided and having a second chance at being the star in someone's garden. The plants themselves still look a little ragged from their move. Marta advised chopping the leaves to a third of their length to give them more energy to settle in. I think it paid off.

And here's a shot of the new garden plot right before it started to rain. There are flowers on all the new cherry tomatoes and the sad little bargin-bin romas are recovering nicely. (Notice the last of the marigolds are inside the garden...I finally decided my nasturtiums weren't going to sprout. Next year, I'll plant them earlier.)


Leah said...

Those agapanthus flowers are lovely, not like the purple variety we have around here. Keep your eyes peeled for snails though, they use them as condos here.

Debi said...

They keep looking less like agapanthus and more like something else...Ms. Marta says the flower's blooming habit is agapanthoid but something about the leaves are suspect. We are in search of other options. Not one of the Google image options for 'agapanthus' (and I've looked at hundreds!) looks like this plant/flower.

Also, so far, I am snail and slug free. The summer is new, though, and I'll keep an eye out.

Leah said...

You know, I think it might be some kind of lily.