Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Growing Things

Let's just talk about the garden, shall we? I think we should.

This weekend I found some beautiful marigolds that Britt would have loved. Here they are, marching around the edge of the new plot. Notice that the peas are still crazy...and the second set have sprouted. Madness. And the zinnia's have sprouted...but I have no idea how long it will take them to flower.

There's also a Beginning Eggplant. Eggplant in training. Yum.

I also found a lovely salvia, called Black and Blue...because it is. I like it when things are called just what they are.

And, there are buds on the agapanthus I moved...and that's a good sign, yes?

Finally, I am am saddened by Ed McMahon's death. Years ago (1996/97-ish), we lived next door to his sister-in-law (sister to his current wife, Pam) and her daughter. Amanda was a member of my Brownie troop and she adored Britt in the way that all younger girls did. About two years after we moved to the burbs, Amanda's mom passed away (she'd been in serious motorcycle accident a few years before we met them and had many complications) and Amanda went to stay with Aunt Pam and Uncle Ed. Somewhere, I have a beautiful picture of Britt and Amanda and Amanda's mom, Deborah Hurn, taken at our Christmas Day Open House ca. 1997; I'm not even going to look for it, though. It's too sad. Britt and Deborah both gone and little Amanda lost to us through the passage of time. I hope she's well today, and surrounded by enough love to see her through another loss.


Lysnekate said...

I love the eggplant-in-training photo. and the marching marigolds, and the budding agapanthus. There's a poem in your garden Ms Debi...

Debi said...

Aww, that's sweet, Lysne. There are three eggplants now!

And since you've posted with the same name as you used to post under at the Ville, I am compelled to finally tell you that for years I called you "Lyn's Skate" in my head.

I think Lysne suits you much better. :)

Lysnekate said...

hee hee. That makes me giggle.

Mary Catherine said...

I always "said" Lyn's Skate, too. . . and, I'm still not sure how to pronounce Lynse. . . is it close to Lindsay?

Debi said...

Mary Catherine (which I've always pronounced correctly!) it's good to have company on the "Oops! Wrong Pronunciation!" bench.

Lysne rhymes with Disney (Liz-knee)...but she's much cuter and way more authentic than the folks at D-World.