Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Medicine

Another thing I did while I wasn't posting for most of July and August was take a few days off work (really...I did!) and head to Atlanta to visit my mother in law. This was sort of huge as a) I rarely use vacation days for actual vacationing and b) Dave hates going away and so one has to drag him, kicking and fussing, into the car to get on the highway. It was a wonderful six days away.

Also, it was my favorite sort of vacation: spending time with people I love and just talking and lazing about and doing not much of anything. MIL and I went to IKEA (FUN!) and I found a cart full of things I couldn't do without and only spent $50. We visited the grounds of a Trappist monastery near her home and it was both incredibly peaceful and joyful. I spent one evening with two highschool friends I hadn't seen in years and their significant others and that was a joy as well. And, there was a puppy.

I spent the better part of six days making friends with Boots. Boots is bulldog/Jack Russel mix, only 5 months old, and well on his way to becoming a Damned Fine Dog. In the way of all puppies, he is full of energy, a little destructive, and sneaky as hell. Everything is new and exciting to a puppy and they just radiate happiness and a desire to please. I really did want to stuff him in a bag and bring him home with me (he's from the same litter we seriously considered getting another dog from and I still think Mojo needs a brother) but I also want my MIL to keep loving I didn't steal her dog. I did enjoy cuddling him a lot: this shot pretty much sums up that vacation; good stuff.


Cara deBeer said...

What a sweet puppy! Poor you with the sling, though.

Chris said...

I'm betting that hand in the sling was a good "here's a treat" location for that adorable pup, though!

Lisa said...

Coincidentally, I just met a 4-month-old puppy named Boots a few days ago who was so cute he made me ovulate. I think Mojo needs a baby brother so I can get my puppy fix vicariously through you. Just think how much blog material you'd have!

Debi said...

I think you should all write to Dave (since he never remembers, as far as I know, to read my blog) and urge him along on the puppy-front. He's worried that my on-going shoulder injury would make a puppy too much work. I maintain a puppy in my lap would make me be still and actually rest...and therefore would do my arm (and my psyche) a world of good.