Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today I find my disgusted with the entire state of California. Exemptions are granted, of course, to the handful of people I know and love there. Also to the turtles at a particular pond in GG park, because I love them, too, even if they are not quite evolved enough to love me back. All the rest of it is on My List.

The reason, of course, is the decision the California State Supreme Court announced today in which they declined to overturn Proposition 8. They also declined to invalidate the 18K marriages that took place among Gay & Lesbian couples during the short period of time during which equal protection under was actually recognized in California (for which I applaud them, even as I consign them to My List), and thereby paved the way for another referendum/ballot intiative/vote on whether or not California - like so many other state in this country - will continue to deny the rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment to a portion of its citizens.

Britt did not live long enough to see her country rise above this bigotry. She died knowing that there were people in her own family who thought she was good enough to be in their weddings...but not good enough to deserve one of her own. In her memory, and because I know it's the Right Thing to do, I'll continue to support equality for all Americans. I hope I live long enough to see it.


Lisa said...

If I had no other reason to support it -- and lord knows I have many -- that would be it.

Devon said...

Thanks for that, Debi. Yesterday was disappointing, but it was also heartening to keep hearing from hetero folks who were just as saddened by it as my partner and I were.

Debi said...

Devon, I'm glad to hear the reactions around you were reassuring even if the news from California wasn't.

(Also, I keep trying to place you but I am coming up blank. I do apologize, but - as I've said before - my memory is seriously impaired these days. Give me a hint?)

Devon said...

Old Readerville: cd coleman :)

Another connection: Natalie Schroeder, Ole Miss

Debi said...

Oh, how funny...I was just Googling you and trying to remember if I ever knew what the "D" stood for and wondering if was you.

How are you, sweetness?

(and, mama, you were right...just ask! she said :)

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed as well. Why do we keep getting this wrong? SIGH

Leah said...

Keep the faith; we'll keep workin' on it till we get it right.

Devon said...

Mama was right, indeed.

I'm doing just great. Hey, I see you on Kat's FB friend list. I'll "friend" you, and you can accept or decline as you wish. :)

Paige said...

Debi - you don't know me but I am what you might call an "invisible" friend. I lurked and sometimes posted on Readerville long ago and remember you and your daughter both from those times. I was so saddened to learn of her death - there was so much life in her words onscreen.

I stumbled across this blog the other day - the wonders of the internet! - and have been silently reading along since. I wanted to reach out and say, what exactly? Hello - I'm sorry - good post? None of those seems to suffice. I will say, thank you for your support of GLBT rights. As a lesbian living in the Bay Area, I and my community will take all the support we can get.

I'm so sorry you lost your girl. I hope writing about it helps some and I wish you all the best.

Debi said...

Paige, I am glad you stumbled in. I hope you'll stick around or at least drop by occasionally.

And, thank you.