Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

If ever there's a day that's fraught with landmines and potential sneaker waves after you've lost a child it's this one. So far, this particular one has been pretty smooth. (It's early and I hope I haven't jinxed it.) I've been bustling about, catching up on the chores I've been neglecting while I've been obsessing over the vegetable garden and just letting the memories come as they will. One is especially sweet.

The year that Britt was seven she asked if she could throw a party for 'ALL the mommies' in her life. She invited me (I was flattered), both her grandmothers, my grandmother, and her aunts who lived in town. Everyone accepted and she was very excited about hosting her first grownup party. We had pastries and coffee and iced tea. There was lots of laughter (she graciously allowed her father to attend and eat some things but not some of everything because, after all, he was NOT a mommy). The best part, though, were the gifts, because she'd worked so hard on them and was so proud. She presented each of us with a strawberry pot filled with impatiens. Mine was larger than the others (flattered again), but they were all lovely and I was very proud of both her accomplishment and her sweetness.

Being Britt's mom is still the best gift ever. This pot was a pretty great one, too.


Gammy said...

I remember the party. In the courtyard of the house on Perry St. I still have the two pots(mine and Nana's) tho empty now.

Debi has rescued them and has promised to replant them. And will help me keep them alive.

Lisa said...

Those are lovely, Debi. Keep the flame burning bright.

Rooie said...

All good thoughts to you on Mother's Day, Debi. I love these stories about Brit, though they always leave me a little teary-eyed.