Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finish Line

Here we are, on the 31st of May and this is my 31st post of the month. By my unofficial blogathon-record-keeping that makes me an official runner and not a water-girl. Imagine that.

It's been quite a month in some respects and quite ordinary in others. Spring finally came and has started sliding slowly into summer. Work is busier as it is this time every year. Dave is busier too, as the summer travelers descend upon us. The garden has taken a lot of time...but it's good to be outside and occupied and to go to bed most nights genuinely and honestly tired.

I've spent more time really talking to people this month and am grateful beyond measure for the good, true friends in my life. Even though most of you are far away, you remain as close as my keyboard and my cellphone and I am lucky to have you in my life. And, I've spent more time - some every day! - writing, which is probably the best gift I could have given to myself. Special thanks to are due to my friend Sue for the nudge that finally worked and to dearest, darling Lisa (Happy Birthday, honey!) for being my Tag-along Blogathon Buddy.

I intend to keep this up. Maybe not every day, but most days...just because I like being here and I like knowing that you're all out there. I'm learning new things every day - about the world and about you and about myself. And those are all good things, yes?

To close out the month, here are some pictures of how the garden looks today:

Garden from the front

Garden from the side (note how the cucumber has escaped!)

Garden - Right Side (I really love that frog.)

Garden from the middle

Garden - Left Side

And also, a picture of Mojo, who loves being outside almost as much as I do. He's a good dog.


Lisa said...

My blogathon buddy! I love you. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and your garden looks lovely. It is in every way a tribute to Britt; you should be proud.

And that Mojo is one happy puppy. Isn't it great seeing how joyful they are when they roll around in the dirt?

Devon said...

Love the garden pics! We have a serious deer issue in my yard, but your garden has motivated me to at least put a basil plant in a pot. I'm thinking deer don't find it tasty.

Debi said...

Lisa, Mo does love the dirt. I wish he didn't have that Border Collie fur that makes baths such an ordeal!

Devon, I just read yesterday that deer do NOT like definitely try that. Allegedly, they dislike basil so much you can plant it around other things to keep them away. I haven't tested that - I have a very tall fence around my garden - but it might work!