Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Gardening

Today was one of those days. One of those took-everything-I-had days. So, in lieu of anything deep or pithy, here are the shots of the garden today. (Yes, I take pictures of the garden every day. Doesn't everyone?)

This is the first beginning eggplant - Britt would say 'eggplant in training.' Look at the beautiful color on the backs of those leaves.

These tomatoes are destined for caprese-land.

Future squash...

The tiniest hint of a bell pepper:

And, an extremely rare shot of Mojo, being still. (Mo is part Border Collie and part German Shepherd. Stillness in not in his genes.)


Lysnekate said...

I love "eggplant in training" and all your other baby vegetables. Can't wait to see them as teenagers. :)

Sue Dickman said...

I was coming back to say the same thing about loving "eggplant in training." Now I'm going to say it when I see my baby eggplants (not that I've planted any eggplant yet, given that there was just a frost warning a few days ago), and I will think of you and of Britt.