Friday, May 1, 2009

More Words

My friend Sue over at A Life Divided is doing a Blogathon this month, wherein she will try to post everyday during May. I'm not going to promise to do that, but I am going to try to post more frequently about what the day-to-day is like. (Think of me as the girl intermittently handing out water during a marathon. Not a runner...a water girl.)

Today, I have hit a wall. It was a hard weekend, followed by a short but busy week at work and I am wrung out. I had planned to accompany Dave to his out-of-town gig tonight but instead I am sending him off with Googled directions and a cell phone. I've been smiling and being alternately charming and competent and efficient for four solid days and my well is dry. There is laundry and raking and watering and mulching - all are calling my name. But also the final pages of Ann Hood's Comfort and sitting on the porch and watching Mojo roll in the grass. First things first.


Lisa said...

I hope this weekend holds some time to let the well be dry, and fill up as you need it to.

And I hate to say this but your water girl comment made me think of that stupid Adam Sandler Waterboy movie with that dopey redneck guy yelling "You can DOOOOOOEET!" Which is not really appropriate and then again, very much so.

Two of my favorite people blogathonning? Double uh oh.

Debi said...

Okay, that made me laugh. DOOOOEET, indeed.

Also, I am now thinking about the uses for a dry well and wondering about the odd coincidence of having to trudge out to the pump house this morning to smack the pump so that there would be water because when I turned on the faucet? Nothing.

Edie Irwin said...

I'm glad you seem to have found your voice again. 4 years, 5 years, 6... they just keep rolling by. A journey that was unplanned, unwanted but none the less we have to take this journey without the people who should have been with us until the end. Be good to you.