Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's The Little Things

This looks like a mess. What it is is a victory. This story began two years ago when I first moved into this house and could not, after two weeks of searching, locate an outdoor water spigot. I finally stopped looking. About a week later, the crew I'd hired to clear the yard (which looked like it hadn't been touched in many many years) showed up and got to work. At the end of the day, they tamed the hundred year-old azaleas, uncovered two gorgeous hydrangeas, and found a small water spigot in the middle of the grass, just to the right of the back porch. On the other side of the fence. So, I bought a really long hose and that storage box to roll it up in...and mostly didn't use it.

Boo came to stay and we built a bigger fence and the hose was even more inaccessible and I didn't care. Until now. Because, really, you cannot garden without water. Even in southeast Georgia, where the rainy season is sensible enough to coincide with the growing season, there are going to be times when the rain does not come on the garden's schedule. And so I began searching for a solution. I've been haunting garden stores and hardware stores - both big box and local - for over a month. And, finally, during a lunch-hour trip to Home Depot, I stumbled across a box marked "Hose Holders - with and without faucets."

I'm sure the man at the Depot thought I was deranged, but I made him unpack it right in the middle of the aisle and I squealed with glee when he pulled out the Hose Holder With a Faucet. And I swear I heard Britt whisper 'Yessss!' And then, after work, I brought it home and insisted that we set it up before dinner. There's a 15-foot connector hose that runs through a crack in the fence (yes, I did break the newish fence and I don't care) to a feeder hole on the back of the holder. And another, small connecter from the faucet to the storage box. And I can turn that pretty blue handle and there is water in the backyard.



Sue Dickman said...

I totally understand getting excited about this kind of stuff--the finally having a workable solution to a nagging and ongoing problem. I'm so glad it worked out, and enjoy watering your garden!

Lisa said...

Oh, I totally know where you're coming from with that. And I covet your hose holder.