Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lots of Words...But Random

My friend Sue over at A Life Divided had these cool Wordles on her page today, so I made one, too. I tried to make it bigger, but finally gave up. If you click on it, it's easier to read.

Wordle: My Girl


Lisa said...

Words are beautiful in any context. I like those Wordles a lot (plus you've given me a good idea for a post some night when I've got nothin').

Katharine Weber said...

Sometimes when I am writing I will make a Wordle of a paragraph I have finally tamed after a long struggle. I print it out and put it on the tack board over my desk as a reward.

Debi said...

Lisa, that's exactly where I was last night. I hope to keep my Wordle posts to once-a-week, but it's nice to have that option.

Katharine, what a terrific idea. If I make it to my mom's today, I will print my Worldle, too.