Monday, May 4, 2009

Sneaker Waves

When I first moved to the West Coast, I learned about sneaker waves. They are these little bastards of waves that come out of nowhere and suddenly, without warning, are HUGE bastards of waves that suck whatever (or whomever) happens to be on the beach out to sea. Scary shit, those sneaker waves, not least because you never see them coming.

Grief, my friends and I have decided, is a series of sneaker waves. Sometimes, after the wave has receded, you will know what triggered it. Sometimes not. Sometimes it's a Big and Obvious thing. Sometimes not. Like today. Today's sneaker wave was courtesy of this itty-bitty ladybug, perched on a cucumber leaf.

One day, I really ought to learn how to swim.


Cara deBeer said...

Oh, honey. I think you're actually a very strong swimmer. Sneaker waves are just like that.

Lisa said...

What Cara said. Or if you're not swimming, then surfing... just staying with it, not fighting it, letting the wave call the shots but not destroy you.

That's a beautiful ladybug.