Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marking The Day

This year's special remembrance of Britt was the flower garden I made in the old fire pit that was half-buried in our backyard. When I first moved in and explored this yard, I thought I would make fires there and sit and think about my girl. We've passed two winters here, and never got around to that. First, the fire pit was poorly placed by it's original builder; situated under the overhanging branches of the neighbor's trees, it seemed more a fire hazard. Secondly, I'm not a fan of cold weather and if it's cold enough to sit around fires, well, I'd rather be inside.

She loved our gardens when she was small (though as a teen she was more enthusiastic tender than planter) and so all of the gardening I've been doing lately has been a good way to spend time with her in my head. Last Saturday's flower garden was special though - a bed of impatiens was the first thing she and I ever planted and she loved the way they would lay down when they were thirsty and stand up ('so fast you can see them move!') so quickly after she watered them - and I surrounded it with the Frog Band she gave her Daddy for Father's Day one year.

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Lisa said...

I love the frog band. They are very Britt.